Genesis Network Blockchain Information

Visualising the Blockchain

This site aims to display the Genesis blockchain in a human-readable format providing you with meaningful information as to the state of the network.

Our goal is to provide you with a 'one-stop shop' for all the information you could ever need pertaining to Genesis statistics and metrics.

This is an evolving project with our ultimate goal being to visualise the blockchain, exchange statistics, mining statistics and social outreach. We hope that you enjoy it and we look forward to your comments and suggestions.

Big Block Tracker

Genesis has random block rewards as well as bonus blocks. This site will help you track when the next BIG BLOCK is upon us with an attrctive countdown and block value estimation. Great for the #miners.

Blockchain Visualisation

This site uses the blocknotify from the genesis daemon to provide real-time statistics relating to difficulty, network hash, Tx/s and block time to name but a few. The page auto-updates so sit back and enjoy! Data is beautiful!

Exchange Data

Coming Soon™ This site will be dedicated to visualising real-time exchange statistics allowing you to accurately monitor your $GENX holdings and make predictions on future trends. One for the triangle aficionado.

Social Outreach

Coming Soon™ Our community is paramount to our success. Whilst we strive to implement bleeding-edge technology we need to understand how our community grows commensurate to that. This site will map outreach using APIs from social media outlets.